M&Y Maintenance and Construction

Nearly 0 tonnes of waste

Reconomy and M&Y have sustainably managed nearly 2,500 tonnes of waste

Rate of 0 for landfill diversion

Achieved a landfill diversion rate together of 95.7% in total.

Over 0 operatives employed

M&Y has grown from a small family-run business into a multimillion-pound company, employing over 200 operatives.

M&Y has grown from a small family-run business into a multimillion-pound company, employing over 200 operatives. Operating across the North West, the company delivers repairs, maintenance and construction services including external wall insulation (EWI) and facilities management.

Since first partnering in January 2022, Reconomy and M&Y have sustainably managed nearly 2,500 tonnes of waste, achieving a landfill diversion rate of 95.7%.

In addition to the consolidation of service providers and a truly collaborative approach, one of the key elements to this success has been the effective digitisation of service provision. This has included the implementation of the Reconomy Portal and Reconomy’s Tipping App.

Clear objectives

From the outset the partnership established several key objectives which included:

  • Providing a network of direct tipping sites predominantly in and around the North West.
  • Delivery of adhoc skip requirements to assist across M&Y’s EWI projects.
  • Establishing and managing waste compounds across the region.
  • Consolidating and providing high-quality management information from a single platform.

Tipping App

M&Y’s working areas were heat mapped against Reconomy’s extensive network of suppliers, ensuring the most efficient tipping location are always identified. All operatives could then access this information through the Tipping App, which was vital given the fast-paced nature of M&Y’s work and the need for a speedy turnaround.  With access to more than 1,500 tipping locations across the UK, the Tipping App considers a range of variables before determining the most suitable disposal point – including the waste type, current vehicle positioning and the postcode of the onward journey.

Upon completion of a job, the App also provides immediate access to tonnages and other critical waste data via the Reconomy Portal.

Reconomy Portal

The Reconomy Portal provides M&Y with 24/7 monitoring of every aspect of its waste management. In doing so it gives a single point of access for numerous waste reporting channels such as spend, disposal tonnages by material, location or operative, skip data, segregation statistics, carbon emissions, and much more.

The portal provides a complete audit trail of every waste movement undertaken and gives access to critical contractual and compliance documentation, including waste transfer notes, all in one place. M&Y has found that the Portal, and the real-time data it provides, have been beneficial in many ways and since working with Reconomy they have undergone several ISO audits where it has helped to significantly simplify the process. The consolidated invoice approach has also helped the finance team to save time, as they are now standardised and far easier to review, check and pass for payment.

Looking forward, M&Y is now in a position where it can establish a reliable baseline in terms of its waste and resource management performance, as well as the resulting carbon impact. This will enable it to set and accurately measure progress against new sustainably targets helping to reduce, reuse and recycle more of these valuable resources. These targets will include new goals for landfill diversion and carbon reduction, as well as implementing new ways to manage waste more cost effectively.


M&Y undertook a comprehensive market review to understand what options were available to help us better manage our waste and to provide better quality environmental and management data.  After meeting and assessing several waste management companies, we were confident that in Reconomy we had found the right partner to support us in setting and meeting our recycling and resource management goals.

We are working closely with Reconomy across our business to ensure that we maximise our recycling and resource recovery opportunities and that this work is aligned with our ESG strategy. Access to current and accurate information is key to everything we want to achieve, and the Reconomy Portal tells us exactly where we are at any given point and also shows us where we can improve.

Another huge benefit is the fact that all legal and compliance documentation such as licences and Waste Transfer Notes can be found easily in a single place, which is great when it comes to audits and reporting. Our journey with Reconomy will only grow as we bring onboard more services from them to help us in our drive to be as environmentally friendly as possible”.

Justin Toole, Fleet Manager, M&Y Maintenance and Construction