McDonald’s Lymm & YMCA Together – Social Value Engagement Activity

In 0 Reconomy was awarded sol supplier status

In 2022, Reconomy was awarded sole supplier status on the framework for McDonald’s ‘reimaging store refurbishment works programme’

Saved 0 tonnes of CO2e

Diverting materials from landfill and preventing them from being wasted saved 0.4 tonnes of CO2e

Generated £0 of social value

Reuse within a community-focused initiative has generated £5,500 of social value

A partnership between Reconomy, McDonald’s, Murray & Willis and YMCA Together, Liverpool branch, has facilitated the reuse of restaurant furniture from a newly refurbished McDonald’s restaurant, located at Poplar 2000 services in Lymm, Warrington. In doing so, it has both prevented these resources from being wasted and created a reuse opportunity that benefits both the community and the wider environment.

In 2022, Reconomy was awarded sole supplier status on the framework for McDonald’s ‘reimaging store refurbishment works programme’. Within this role, Reconomy was tasked with supporting all ten existing contractors responsible for overseeing restaurant refurbishments to deliver increasingly sustainable environmental excellence. This meant identifying more sustainable, circular solutions to minimise waste generated by each restaurant refurb, along with exploring all possible opportunities for the reuse or recycling of materials. This would be underpinned by detailed and accurate waste and resource management Information delivered via the market leading Reconomy Portal.

As part of the ongoing refurbishment works, Reconomy identified a significant reuse opportunity for surplus-to-requirements furniture from the McDonald’s Lymm restaurant owned by Franchisee Jayne Aspin-Mayne. These include stools, chairs, benches, tables, sofas, and even its recycling stations. Following a period of engagement with nearby third sector organisations, an agreement was reached to donate the furniture to Liverpool branch of YMCA Together, effectively removing it as a waste stream whilst at the same time creating a social value initiative with significant expansion potential.

The more sustainable management of furniture has realised several social, environmental, and commercial benefits. Firstly, their reuse within a community-focused initiative has generated £5,500 of social value. Furthermore, diverting these materials from landfill and preventing them from being wasted saved 0.4 tonnes of CO2e, and has potentially helped prevent increased costs associated with new POPs legislation, which could impact all 1400+ McDonald’s stores in the UK and Ireland.

One of the most exciting things about this project is its scalability and potential to add significant value at a national level. Preventing McDonald’s commercial-grade restaurant furniture from becoming general waste demonstrates a nationally coordinated social, environmental, and commercial proposition, with McDonald’s franchisees, contractors and third-sector partners all working closely together to deliver sustainable outcomes.


Restaurant Manager Dominic Murphy from the McDonald’s Lymm restaurant said:  

“We are thrilled to have completed our conversion and even more delighted to have found a sustainable solution for our old furniture and décor items. Donating to charities such as the YMCA has been made all the easier through our partnership with Reconomy and aligns with our commitment to reducing waste. Transforming our restaurant was not just about creating a vibrant space for our customers; it was also an opportunity to embrace sustainability on a larger scale. We are proud to see our old furniture repurposed and given a new lease of life and we are happy to support our local community and do our bit for the environment”.

Jason Thomas, Operational Housing Lead at YMCA Together, said: “The ability to receive the furniture and repurpose money into other work that we do with the local community has been amazing. Our homeless service in Knowsley, for example, has revitalised its computer area, while the new recycling unit in their communal lounge is supporting residents with recycling opportunities within our Leeds Street service, we’re hopeful that this lounge can be used for a wide range of activities.”