Marks & Spencer international compliance


  • The Packaging, WEEE, and Batteries Regulations differ in each country
  • Researching and understanding these differences can be time-consuming and burdensome
  • Marks & Spencer faced these challenges when opening up operations in France


Reconomy’s international team produced a comprehensive action plan. This plan outlined:

  • What obligations they have in France
  • Data required
  • Regulatory timescales for providing data submissions
  • Costs of becoming compliant in France

Marks & Spencer decided to fully outsource their international compliance in France to us.



  • Marks & Spencer saved time and gained peace of mind
  • Outsourcing their international compliance in France allowed Marks & Spencer to focus on the delivery of a high-quality experience to their customers in France
  • It also provided them with peace of mind that they were fully compliant with all regulations.
  • Since the time of writing this case study Marks and Spencer has now chosen to outsource their compliance to 8 countries in total.


“We have used  Reconomy for our packaging regulations data support over the last couple of years. They have provided us with excellent support, demonstrating expertise, diligence, and a commercial approach to delivering quality and value-added service in a timely manner. This has considerably reduced the time previously taken to prepare the required data. We are extremely pleased to have Reconomy as our compliance partner”.