Crest Nicholson: Bath Riverside Housing Development


97% of generated waste is currently being diverted away from landfill

0 tonnes

Since 2011, 4967 tonnes of waste were produced in the project

0 tonnes

Out of the 4,967 tonnes of waste produced, 4,820 tonnes was succesfully recycled

Prestigious location

Situated near to Bath’s historic city centre and within view of the iconic Royal Crescent, Bath Riverside is a flagship housing development of award-winning UK homebuilder, Crest Nicholson. Regenerating a former gasworks andcrane factory, construction on Bath Riverside began in 2011 as part of a major development to transform Bath’s western riverfront. The scheme will deliver over 2,000 new homes to the area, ranging from studio apartments to four-bedroom houses. Some 850 homes will be complete by the end of 2019. As provider of waste management services for Bath Riverside, Reconomy has maintained a regular presence onsite from the outset. With sustainability and waste minimisation both being key drivers for Crest Nicholson, Reconomy’s role has been to facilitate all opportunities for improved on-site waste management.

Materials controller

Despite consistently meeting its owntargets for recycling and landfill diversion, in 2015 Crest Nicholson decided to reinvigorate waste management practices on Bath Riverside. This coincided with the start of construction on Royal View; a focal-point of the Bath Riverside project that, once completed, will create 45 luxury homes across a 7-storey structure. Following consultation with Reconomy, Crest Nicholson took the decision to employ an on-site Materials Controller to act as first point of contact for all matters relating to waste and site tidiness. With the full support of Crest Nicholson at regional level, and aided by Reconomy’s team of Site Liaison Officers (SLOs), the Materials Controller immediately set about implementing a range of best practice waste management measures.

Waste management

In the months that followed, a range of best practice protocols were put in place to improve upon the site’s existing waste management practices. For example, the number of waste compounds at Bath Riverside was reduced from 3 to 1 and this new consolidated waste compound was positioned within view of the main site office. This allowed for easier monitoring of waste volumes and segregation practices. To further aid segregation, all 20-yard mixed waste skips were removed from site and replaced with smaller skips of 12-yards or less, with each one clearly labelled to collect a specific waste stream. Toolbox talks and training sessions were also carried out by Reconomy SLOs to reinforce the importance of good waste management behaviours. These practices were collectively promoted to trades and other site personnel via Crest Nicholson’s high visibility campaign called ‘Make Waste History’, which was displayed on posters, mugs and other merchandise around the site.

Double-check segregation

Reducing the number of waste compounds from 3 to 1 placed a far greater emphasis on correctly segregating waste at source; this being the separating of waste streams before they arrive at the waste compound. With construction on Royal View gathering pace, a double-check segregation system was introduced for all core waste streams. This process involved the use of clearly labelled wheelie bins to collect different waste streams generated within Royal View, including wood, metal, plasterboard and inert materials. These were then transported to a holding area at groundlevel, where they were checked again before being transported to the wast compound in colour-coded mini-tippers. This process dramatically reduced the risk of cross-contamination.


Achieving results

Since 2011, Reconomy has managed a total of 4,967 tonnes of waste generated by Bath Riverside. Thanks to the exceptional segregation practices that have been implemented on-site, 97% of this waste has been successfully diverted away from landfill – equivalent to 4,820 tonnes of recycling.

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