Total Respect’ training provided to Reconomy staff

As part of Reconomy’s Social Value Programme (RSVP), the company has signed up to the Care Leavers Covenant; a pledge by businesses to provide support for care leavers aged 16-25, assisting with their transition to adulthood.

In support of this, Reconomy has committed to reserving at least two positions within its annual summer internship programme exclusively for care leavers, helping to provide them with a career kickstart.

In a ground breaking partnership with Wolverhampton City Council and The National House Project, Reconomy staff members recently took part in ‘Total Respect’ training sessions, to learn more about how to best to support care leavers

Total Respect is a nationally operating, award-wining training resource, which is delivered by care experienced trainers. Each training session provided Reconomy personnel with the opportunity to:   

·        Explore assumptions about children and young people within the care system

·        Listen to young people and hear their experiences of being a child in care

·        Learn about the importance of involving young people within care planning

After attending the Total Respect training, Reconomy Business and Industry Team Leader, Jackie Ridgeway, said: “Total Respect. This is what I now have for young people that have been through the care system and emerged as young adults needing our support. As an employee of Reconomy I am proud to say that we are supporting care leavers as part of  our social value programme.”

Another attendee, Reconomy Operations Supervisor Darryl Daniels, said: “This has been an extremely insightful session, delivered by talented individuals, that have provided Reconomy staff members with an understanding of how we can improve our internship experiences specifically for care leavers.”