Sustainability initiative brings environmental and social value to the forefront

Reconomy recently commissioned HMP Hewell to build habitat boxes for its customers to use to increase biodiversity.

Towards the end of last year, and as part of a drive to take action following COP26 summit, Reconomy created an initiative to help build biodiversity across 26 of its customers sites. Through its relationship with New Futures Network, Reconomy linked in with, and commissioned HMP Hewell, a prison that had an established woodwork shop and trainer, to build 26 bird and habitat boxes. The materials used to create these were from the prison’s own waste timber. In addition to the environmental benefit from reducing waste, it also created social value too. The items were made in the prison’s workshops by prisoners, who each gained valuable skills and experience.

Now the items have been built, Reconomy plans to give these to its customers so they can be used at their own sites to help with biodiversity.  Increasing the habitats for insects is vital for the food chain, it supports conservation efforts and increases biodiversity. Biodiversity mitigates and provides resilience to climate change. Although installing a bird box or bug hotel may seem like a minor act, if all businesses did this it would have a tremendous impact.

Diane Crowe, Head of Group Sustainability at Reconomy says: “Reconomy is proud to have installed habitat boxes at our head office. It builds awareness and starts conversations, as well as it demonstrating our commitment to increase biodiversity in the areas we operate. As a business, our purpose is to create a truly sustainable world by enabling our customers to achieve zero waste and create sustainable value. This initiative is a practical and tangible example of how we are linking together all aspects of our sustainability strategy -exploring ways in which we can gain equal value between social, environmental and business.”