Reconomy Sponsor Supply Change Social Procurement Festival


Reconomy Sponsor Supply Change Social Procurement Festival

This week Reconomy is sponsoring, and speaking at the Social Procurement Festival, hosted by Supply Change. Diane Crowe, Head of Group Sustainability is speaking at the event, and shares ahead of the event her thoughts on some of the key topics being discussed:

Why is it important to adopt social procurement now?

Coming out of a pandemic, now is an excellent time for businesses to come together and collaborate, particularly around social value and social engagement. The structure around social procurement from government contracts to tier 1 contractors and then throughout the supply chain makes it an ideal time to come together and support local communities. We can support social procurement locally through charitable activities, social enterprises, and businesses employing local people and people from hard-to-reach backgrounds – all leaving a lasting positive social legacy.

How important are events for taking steps to successfully implement social procurement?

There is a lack of awareness, so bringing businesses together throughout the supply chain to talk about these issues and offer ideas and ways to work collaboratively will help to raise this. Social value and social procurement is very important, it will add value to businesses, bring diversity and inclusion and enhance their supply chain.

What is the benefit of collaborating with other organisations to achieve social procurement?

There are many benefits of collaborating throughout business and throughout the supply chain. An important one is learning from one another and learning from what other businesses have done to add social value and business benefit. Also, learning what impacts in the community, to understand the community needs and therefore how to support.

What are you most looking forward to about the social procurement festival?

It’s a good opportunity for enlightened businesses to come together to learn and share lessons and discuss what’s new and what’s working. Seeing where we can make a difference together as a supply chain partner to many businesses and understanding where we can support and help each other for the greater good.