Reconomy Portal

The tried and tested management system for effective control of waste and associated costs.
Reconomy Portal provides real-time 24/7 monitoring and control of waste, including amounts removed from site and the individual and overall cost. Using a secure internet connection, users log on to the Portal from anywhere in the world and are presented with an intuitive dashboard which shows the type of waste stream, waste tonnage and how much of their waste has been diverted from landfill.
The old adage, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” still holds true and the Reconomy Portal provides transparency and tracking of waste. What’s more, construction and home builder companies can easily see how many sites have a valid Site Waste Management Plan and, more importantly, how many don’t.
From the dashboard, users click on automated graphs to access supporting data, including relevant reports and figures, compliancy certificates, carrier registration documents and environmental permits. Thus the Reconomy Portal becomes an essential resource for collecting, sorting and holding a vast array of waste management data ““ all of which is totally reliable, enabling many leading national home builders to import data directly into Corporate Social Responsibility reports.
Set up for you
The level of detail available to individual users can be set to your requirements. For example, a company director can be set up to see all sites currently in operation, whereas a regional manager may need to access just one or two.Reconomy portal
Further security is offered in the form of automatic lock-outs, whereby a user is automatically locked out of the system if he or she hasn’t logged on in any three month period. This can be useful where an employee moves to a competitor and the administrator fails to update the system.
Reconomy Portal is proactive, automatically scheduling reports at agreed times and issuing reminders to relevant parties when updates are needed. Reconomy Portal can be used in any industry where waste streams are generated and need to be accounted for.

Collect, sort and store waste management data
Check compliancy at the click of a button
Records type of waste stream, volume and collection/drop-off point
Instant visibility with real-time updates
Instant access ““ log in online 24/7
Reports on every aspect of waste management, from tonnage and volume to efficiency by site
Reports tailored to your needs ““ can also incorporate data from your own IT systems
Unique: this level of detail and ease of access is available only from Reconomy Portal

Download this PDF document for more information.