Reconomy Portal prepares for edoc

With the development of the Electronic Duty of Care (Edoc) programme now well underway, we’ve been working closely with those involved ““ namely the Environmental Agency and their partners, to help develop our on-line reporting portal in accordance with Edoc’s upcoming requirements.
The Edoc system is an innovative programme that will help modernise the way in which waste movements are recorded and will do away with the need to complete paper-based Waste Transfer Notes. Currently, under UK law these are required by all businesses every time waste is moved from one party to another. However, as this system has grown to be an incredibly time consuming and costly task to complete a new approach has been developed.
As the only commercial company involved in the development of Edoc, we’ve gained a valuable insight into the functionality of the new programme and how we can make it work for our clients and us, saving both time and money as a result. The Reconomy Portal ““ our unique, on-line waste management system works in line with the anticipated requirements of Edoc and is currently being used as a case study example for the wider waste management sector to showcase the integration of detailed customer reporting and electronic duty of care requirements for the Environment Agency.
Working to seamlessly bridge the gap between now and the January 2014 deadline, when Edoc will come into action, our tried and tested Reconomy Portal allows for 24/7 remote monitoring, enabling our clients and suppliers to record, manage and control waste movements quickly, securely and accurately.
Should you have any questions or queries surrounding Edoc or the Reconomy Portal, you can tweet them to us at @ReconomyNews using #AskBrian or simply email
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