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Reconomy partners with Sustainability Yard to launch cutting-edge Smartphone App

At Reconomy, we’ve been investing in award-winning technology for years. With technology being an imperative part of our business strategy, our goal is to digitise the waste management sector so our customers can get the benefits. That’s why Reconomy has partnered with SustainabilityYard to launch a cutting-edge smartphone application for the building and DIY industry.

Every year, 420 million tonnes of building materials are purchased in the UK, with a staggering 120million tonnes of this material ending up in landfill. The smartphone application has been launched to combat this alarming statistic, extending the life of the materials that would usually be classed as waste.

The app helps users in the contracting and house building world to demonstrate their ESG, local economy benefit and social values activity easily (and cut their skip costs) by giving them a platform to offload their reusable materials to local tradesmen and DIY lovers.

SustainabilityYard also has a reporting/calculating feature built in that allows users to track the weight and embodied carbon value of the materials that they have stopped from going in their skips.  This information can then be used internally or when tendering for new work to showcase their sustainability efforts.


Commenting on the partnership, Reconomy’s Director of Managed Accounts, Jamie Roberts, said:

“Sustainability is at the heart of what we do here at Reconomy, but so is technology. Being able to partner with SustainabilityYard on such an innovative Smartphone Application to combat building material waste seemed a perfect fit. We are very excited about the future and look forward to working in partnership to help clients drive material that cannot be reused on site up the waste hierarchy, helping reduce volumes being produced across the UK’s construction sector.”

SustainabilityYard’s Nigel Eastham, also said:

“We couldn’t be happier to be partnered with Reconomy.  Our goals and drivers are very much aligned when it comes to digital innovation within the construction industry and added to that, promoting the circular economy of reusable building materials.  We are fortunate to have the backing and support of such a big name in the sector and I am confident that we can make a real difference, together.”

Both Reconomy and SustainabilityYard are incredibly passionate about championing reducing and reusing waste in the industry, which is why the App has been made free to download, with no commission taken from sales.

You can download the App to start buying/selling or giving away materials here:



Anybody interested in knowing more about the platform and it’s features, please contact Nigel Eastham – nigel@sustainabilityyard.com