Reconomy partner with edie to produce Circular Economy guide

Why is adopting the circular economy so important? How does the circular economy apply to businesses? And, what are the key considerations when going circular? In this latest edie explains piece, both Reconomy and edie answer those questions.

As part of edie’s Circular Economy Week 2022, Reconomy joined forces with edie to create a guide that not only explains the concept but provides an industry viewpoint from Reconomy’s Divisional Director, Harvey Laud. Harvey explains why the move to a more circular economy continues to be hindered by the prevalence of outdated business models and silo thinking.

You can download the guide here

In addition to the guide, an online webinar took place during the week. The event, sponsored by EY and Reconomy, combined three webinars into a single afternoon. The discussions focused on how businesses can improve approaches to the circular economy and reduce waste and featured sustainability experts from Ellen MacArthur Foundation, L’Oreal, Toast Ale, Canon and more. Reconomy spoke at the ‘rethink, reduce, reuse business case studies to accelerate the circular economy’ session. Here we gave insights and examples on rethinking business models to increase resource efficiency, closing the loop and circular economy innovation.

The webinar is now available to watch on-demand here.