Reconomy Looks to Lead Enterprise to 90% Recycling

Reconomy, the UK’s leading broker in outsourced waste management and recycling services, has been selected by the Enterprise Group to handle its waste management procurement processes and deliver recycling-led solutions and landfill diversion initiatives to its public sector and utility industry customers nationwide.
The £1 billion Enterprise Group, with over 13,000 people and 150 locations across the UK, has upwards of 40 years experience working with utility and public sector companies providing over 100 front-line services to meet local needs. Its Group Procurement team was charged with sourcing a recycling and waste partner to help meet a target of recycling 90% of waste generated on all its contracts by the end of 2012.track
The three year agreement, across both utility and government divisions, will see Reconomy provide a range of services from utility tipping, aggregate supply and hazardous waste disposal right through to nationwide skip hire and general waste and recycling. Reconomy will manage this through its extensive national supplier base of waste and recycling providers.
A key objective for the Enterprise team was to consolidate waste management procurement processes and deliver recycling-led solutions through landfill diversion initiatives without impeding day-to-day operations. To this end, the agreement with Enterprise includes contractual milestones where Reconomy must demonstrate “proof of concept.” Wide-ranging experience of creating bespoke service initiatives for blue-chip clients meant Reconomy could show a track record of solid success and this assured Enterprise of its ability to deliver at each stage.
Cost-efficiency is a prerequisite for any proposed waste management solution and a key factor is effective and reliable monitoring. At the heart of the Reconomy solution is its unique on-line Portal which gives real-time 24/7 measurement and control of recycling and landfill performance ““ providing the Enterprise Group Procurement team with timely and accurate data on performance and cost in a clear and concise format.
The Reconomy Portal presents users with an intuitive dashboard showing the total group spend on waste plus more detailed regional information such as specific waste stream type and tonnage, and how much has been diverted from landfill. By managing these processes, Enterprise is able to better control its waste costs whilst reducing waste to landfill.
Clark Russell, Regional Procurement Manager for Enterprise explained,

“Reconomy’s successful track record of delivering recycling-led solutions gave us the confidence to set up the partnership.”
“It is important we partner with a waste provider who leads the way in customer service and recycling, delivering our corporate social responsibility targets, adding value with clear and concise management information. To that end the appointment of Reconomy has been endorsed by our HS&Q and environmental teams.”

Michael Benton, Reconomy’s Operations Director, was instrumental in negotiating the agreement. “At every stage of the negotiations the Enterprise requirement of recycling 90% of all waste by end-2012 was at the forefront,” he said. “Having already achieved similar targets for many of our existing Clients, I have every confidence that target will be achieved.”
Enterprise Group Procurement Director, Kevan Jepps, summed up the new arrangement: “The partnership with Reconomy adds another dimension to our business ““ its dedicated customer service team for all Enterprise enquiries will ensure we deliver the right waste recycling solutions for our contracts while bringing value and economies of scale to our business.”