Reconomy Embrace Events Return: March Roundup 2022

National House Project Annual Conference 2022 | 4th March 2022

Reconomy is a proud partner of the National House Project – a radical housing solution for young people leaving care. Through its partnership, Reconomy offer employment opportunities, work experience and mentoring whilst also supporting local house projects close to the Reconomy offices as they develop.

The annual conference was a great opportunity for Reconomy to talk with care leavers, local authorities and other agencies, but most importantly it supported young people in promoting a positive narrative for care leavers and the care experienced community.

“Change the narrative from care leavers to care leaders”. Link to video here

To find out more about the work that the National House Project do, visit:

edie Sustainability Leaders Forum | 8th – 9th March 2022

Reconomy sponsored and exhibit at the award-winning Sustainability Leaders Forum. The event reunited international corporate leaders, sustainability experts, government representatives, investors, and NGOs, all of whom share one common goal: to solve the climate crisis. Across the 2 days, the forum focused heavily on turning ambition into action. This is a goal supported by REVOLVE, Reconomy’s solution to help businesses achieve a circular economy and achieve zero waste faster and more sustainably.

edie nicely summarised 20 actionable and inspiring messages to takeaway. Here are a few of them:

  • Inform, inspire and engage

Inform, inspire and engage the wider community to combat the climate crisis and deliver a world at peace.

  • Businesses back net-zero

Businesses back net-zero as their overall key ambition because almost one-third of attendees felt net-zero was the largest opportunity for businesses to build a better future.

  • Reduce, remove and repair

Reduce emissions, protect and strengthen natural carbon sinks and repair the planet through measures such as marine biomass regeneration.


Future of Print, Industry Forum | 10th March 2022

FESPA UK’s Future of Print Industry Forum challenged traditional formats of conferences, and instead prompted open discussions to the room that saw delegates engaging with one another. Speakers and delegates discussed a range of topics including business wellbeing and development in session one, followed by sustainability and waste management in session two. Our very own Jon Hutton, Prismm Environmental Director, represented Reconomy and explained the waste management scheme that runs in partnership with FESPA UK. The scheme aims to offer a solution to printers for their waste substrate materials – PVC and Polypropylene, that are currently being sent to landfill.

To read more about the scheme and the events success:

Lets Recycle Net Zero Conference | 16th March 2022

Net zero goals have never been more in focus and the Lets Recycle Net Zero Conference brought together businesses, organisations and local authorities in the waste and recycling industry to discuss an overview of the sector’s position and approach post COP26.

Reconomy Divisional Director, Harvey Laud spoke about ‘Why Businesses Need a Net Zero Approach’ and how resource management is key for businesses on the road to net zero.

The key takeaways from the day were:
– Continuing with BAU will result in irreversible damage – we must keep 1.5⁰C alive
– The commercial landscape is evolving and businesses must evolve too
– There is a clear shift from linear consumptive capitalism to circular regenerative capitalism
– The risk is getting left behind and paying for doing nothing

Supply Change Social Procurement Festival | 23rd – 24th March 2022

Reconomy sponsored, and spoke at this year’s Social Procurement Festival, hosted by Supply Change. Diane Crowe, Head of Group Sustainability spoke at the event on ‘collaboration across different levels of the supply chain’.

The virtual event gathered buyers from both the public & private sector to learn and share best practice for social enterprise procurement, social value activities and to network with social enterprise suppliers and committed buyers.