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Reconomy companies shortlisted for six National Recycling Awards

The outstanding re-use, recycling, and compliance services delivered by Reconomy Group companies have been recognised with no less than six shortlistings at the prestigious National Recycling Awards.

ACM in partnership with Nottingham Building Society

ACM and Nottingham Building Society have rolled out a mixed recycling service across their branch network, moving these materials up the Waste Hierarchy, increasing recycling rates, and reducing costs.  A lot of emphasis was placed on ensuring that the new waste streams wouldn’t be contaminated. New signage and an employee communication plan helped ensure that every branch was fully aware of the new waste segregation services and how to use them.

Eurokey has developed the UK’s first ‘supermarket sorting line’ designed specifically to recover and sort flexible plastics and films from the grocery and retail sectors. This waste was previously segregated by hand due to the challenges of handling and sorting it. Developing this bespoke state-of-the-art facility enables this waste to be more effectively recycled and supports the development of a more circular economy.

EcoVend’s new series of ‘X Range’ Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) is evidence of the business’s significant growth in recent years and re-asserts its excellence in utilising the latest technologies. This includes incorporating a new 360-degree scanner that appreciably improves processing accuracy by increasing the scan rate success to 98%, regardless of the angle at which the bottle is inserted.

Our partnership with Telent delivers real social value whilst reducing carbon and preventing waste. Over the past 12 months, more than 25 tonnes of desks, chairs, pedestals, cabinets, whiteboards, stationery, cutlery, and monitors have been distributed to some of the world’s poorest areas, providing access to equipment that will enhance the users’ way of life and access to learning. Re-using this equipment, which was previously treated as waste, has provided our client Telent with cost savings and helped them towards delivering their target of a 55% reduction in Scope 3 emissions intensity by 2030.

Uniper, Novati, and FilterClean have come together to refurbish and reuse ‘single-use’ air filters which were traditionally treated as general waste and landfilled or sent to energy recovery facilities. The air filters put back into use at Uniper power stations continue to operate with 98% efficiency and can be reprocessed 3-4 times before their efficiency is significantly degraded. This ground-breaking first for the UK, delivers both financial and environmental benefits and truly focuses on the circular economy. It can also be replicated for thousands of other UK businesses.