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Reconomy acquires German-based metal recovery experts Sudamin Rohstoff

Reconomy, a leading international circular economy specialist, is excited to announce the acquisition of Sudamin Rohstoff (Sudamin), Europe’s foremost independent recycling broker and logistics expert specialising in the recovery of valuable metals from the iron and steel industry.

Based in Duisburg, Germany, Sudamin has established itself as a powerhouse in the recovery of zinc and other finite metals from the by-products of electric arc furnaces.

Sudamin’s core business is the collection of valuable metal-containing residues from electro-steel plants across Europe and delivering them to specialist recycling facilities, ensuring the environmentally sound and economically efficient transportation of materials, and fulfilling all necessary national and international documentation requirements to certify full regulatory compliance.

Alongside this core proposition, Sudamin also owns approvals and licences for brokering waste disposal and battery and black mass recovery services. The acquisition of Sudamin, therefore, enriches Reconomy’s capabilities and complements the services provided by its brands such as Combineering and RLG to increase its importance to international customers.

For example, by leveraging Sudamin’s extensive market presence in the steel industry, Combineering – Reconomy’s Denmark-based greentech development business – will combine its expertise in other inorganic industries to develop innovative solutions for steel industry by-products.

This acquisition reinforces Reconomy’s position as a leader in the circular economy and marks another step in its international expansion strategy, ultimately pursuing the vision of a waste-free world.

Guy Wakeley, Chief Executive at Reconomy, stated,

“Reconomy is delighted to partner with Sudamin, Europe’s leading specialist in the recovery of zinc and other valuable metals from the by-products of electric arc furnaces.  We see real potential to develop new recycling and recovery streams across our client base as the steel industry adapts to the opportunities of the circular economy.”

Lars Vedel Jørgensen, founding director of Reconomy brand Combineering, said,

“Combineering have known and worked with Sudamin for many years and we are looking forward to developing new solutions together with them. We see a big potential for delivering alternative raw materials from all the steel industries Sudamin works with and Combineering’s end-users.”

Martin Pothfelder, CEO at Sudamin Rohstoff, added,

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Reconomy and contributing our expertise to further advance sustainable solutions in the circular economy. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Sudamin and reaffirms our commitment to driving positive change in the recycling industry alongside Reconomy’s market-leading brands.”