Reconomy API innovation to optimise supply chain efficiency

Leading outsourced waste management and resource-led services provider, Reconomy, is continuing to champion waste sector technological innovations aimed at transforming the way the industry operates following the launch of a new API integration with leading software house, ISYS Interactive Systems Ltd.

The API (Application Programming Interface) enables Reconomy’s many regional supply chain partners already using the popular ISYS waste management software, Weighsoft 5, to seamlessly integrate with Reconomy’s own systems, enabling fast, dynamic two-way data transfer. This means that any new orders placed by Reconomy’s customers will now be digitally and automatically passed across and assigned to the appropriate supply chain transport teams, without the need for any manual intervention.

Upon completion, details of the job are then fed back seamlessly into Reconomy’s online Portal, giving the customer direct access to the completed job information and enabling access to both waste tickets and a range of reports. All data is transferred securely with only Reconomy and its suppliers having access or control.

This latest development will further improve transparency of operation, as well as data accuracy and availability, providing a hassle-free experience for Reconomy’s customers and suppliers alike. It also aligns with Reconomy’s ongoing commitment to support the wider waste industry by pioneering transformative, tech-led solutions.

Commenting on the launch, Reconomy’s Chief Information Officer, Jody Fullman, said: “We are delighted to have established this partnership with ISYS which forms a pivotal part of our strategy to develop APIs with the leading waste management software platforms. Our new ISYS Supplier API offers a great solution for a significant proportion of our supply chain, with positive benefits for them and, most importantly, our customers.

“This solution and our broader industry-leading programme will provide customers with faster and more dynamic data, securely passed to the Reconomy Portal, with additional peace of mind that their transactions are being processed digitally.”

ISYS Managing Director, Richard Bowers, said: “ISYS Weighsoft 5 applications are at the forefront of technical innovation and are working alongside Reconomy and our client base who utilise their services to provide the seamless data integration that is required in our industry.”

The ISYS API can either work alongside or instead of Reconomy’s own proprietary ePod (electronic proof of delivery) platform, which is designed for suppliers not currently using one of the main industry waste management software platforms.