Reconomy agrees £6m national waste management partnership with Balfour Beatty

Reconomy, the UK’s market leader in outsourced waste management and recycling services, has signed a new sole supplier agreement with Balfour Beatty Group for the supply of skip services across all its operating companies.
Balfour Beatty is a world-class infrastructure business with a diverse range of services spanning financing, planning and design to construction, maintenance and support. As a global operator, Balfour Beatty aims to be a leader in sustainability and play a significant role in helping its customers make sustainable choices.
The new sole supplier agreement was awarded after Reconomy undertook an in-depth review of all Balfour Beatty expenditure on waste management. As well as looking to consolidate the supply base across all Balfour Beatty businesses and reduce overall spend on waste; a key driver in this process was for Reconomy to demonstrate reliable and accurate capture of data to support the delivery of Balfour Beatty’s 2020 sustainability vision.
In this respect, the Reconomy Portal is unique by providing real-time 24/7 monitoring and control of waste, including amounts removed from site and the individual and overall cost. Customers logging in to the online Portal are presented with an intuitive dashboard showing the waste stream type and tonnage, and how much has been diverted from landfill. By managing this process, utilisation increases, landfill decreases and costs are reduced. For Balfour Beatty this was a key factor in awarding Reconomy the contract as well as ensuring a consistent reporting format to support its vision of zero waste to landfill by 2020.
Andy Smith, Balfour Beatty WorkSmart Supply Chain Management Director, stated: “Balfour Beatty was looking for a Waste Management partner that would enhance our 2020 Sustainability roadmap to make a very positive social, environmental and economic impact. Reconomy was chosen over their competitors, due to their industry leading approach in providing waste transfer documentation, commitment to reducing waste and robust reporting information.

“Reconomy shares the Balfour Beatty vision in significantly lowering waste to landfill and thereby reducing the industry’s carbon footprint and we look forward to the success of this partnership.”

Commenting on the new agreement, Jonathan Garratt, Balfour Beatty Group Head of Sustainability, said: “We see this as a great opportunity for Balfour Beatty on the road to formal and consistent waste management across the Group. The new Reconomy relationship will enable us to work towards a cradle-to-grave process for management of waste.

“Working closely with the dedicated Reconomy support team will ensure we meet our landfill diversion targets and demonstrate our commitment to best practice in the management of construction waste.”

As part of the supply agreement, Balfour Beatty also has the opportunity to secure additional benefits through commodity recovery credits and the reintroduction of some waste products back into the supply chain. Not only does this save money, but by focusing on segregating waste and recycling, Balfour Beatty will meet or exceed its own tough landfill diversion targets.
Commenting on the new supply agreement, Reconomy’s Operations Director, Mike Benton, said: “We are delighted to have signed with Balfour Beatty as sole supplier for skip services across all its operating companies. Our innovative approach using Reconomy Portal allows Balfour Beatty instantly to see where cost savings and landfill diversions are happening. It can generate its own reports ““ as and when they are needed ““ and, using real-time data, prove its year-on-year sustainability commitments.

“We’re looking forward to helping Balfour Beatty achieve its new waste management targets across the coming years,” he added.