Purchase to pay, the digital way

At Reconomy, we’ve been investing in award-winning technology for years. Through continuous innovation, we have successfully digitised the process of managing our customers’ waste from end to end, replacing outdated manual processes with automation wherever possible.

This has led to the creation of a bespoke, fully digital ‘purchase to pay’ process that our customers can use from the second they start placing an order with us, through to its fulfilment, the collation of waste data, analysis of that data, and then lastly, invoicing.

5-part process

Purchase: We can create an online catalogue, bespoke to your business, that links to your existing procurement system and is populated with your unique products, price list, and approved local suppliers.

Call-off: Using our suite of apps, onsite teams can instantly call-off or amend orders using SiteBuddy. Plus find tip and collect sites at a click with our Tipping App.

Data: Access fast, accurate, and comprehensive data from weights to timings and compliance documents, all in one place and transferred in near real-time via our digitalXchange platform

Analysis: Gather info and pull reports using Reconomy’s online Portal and plot your progress towards zero waste through our Zero Waste Index.

Pay: Paying for your services is easy, with electronic invoicing that supports the leading payment systems

These numerous technological touchpoints can be adopted collectively, or individually selected, based on the specific needs of Reconomy’s numerous customers.

This 5-part process forms part of Reconomy’s technology eco-system, which we call neXus. Alongside the digital purchase to pay process, neXus also incorporates a suite of seamless internal systems that enable day-to-day operational excellence. These ‘behind-the-scenes’ processes are all geared towards making things more straightforward and hassle-free for our customers by reducing administrative burden.

Reconomy CIO, Jody Fullman, said:

“As we move into 2023, we look forward to announcing a raft of new technological innovations that will further support our customers in the waste and resource digitisation of their businesses and underpin their ability to attain a wide variety of ESG goals. In doing so, I am confident Reconomy will cement its position as a key enabler in the development of a more circular economy”.

Reconomy’s mission is to use technology, innovation, data and specialist expertise to enable our customers to achieve zero waste and create sustainable value. Reconomy is committed to digitisation and automation, as they represent far more sustainable and efficient ways of operating.

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