Partnership to provide recycling solution for PPE

Reconomy has announced it is joining forces with ReWorked to provide closed-loop recycling solutions for personal protective equipment (PPE). Now is the time to #ReclaimTheMask.

According to some estimates, globally we are using 129 billion face masks and 65 billion plastic gloves every month in the fight against Coronavirus. At the start of the pandemic people were advised to use general waste bins to dispose of PPE due to the uncertainties around health and safety. This often resulted in materials either being sent to landfill or for incineration, along with the inevitability of some improper disposal; with face masks being found littered around parks and public spaces.

In partnership with ReWorked and its #ReclaimTheMask campaign, Reconomy is now able to offer a fully transparent, closed-loop recycling solution for all types of PPE – not just face masks. To facilitate this, we can also provide recycling boxes or fixed bins, made from 100% recycled plastics.

Mike Benton, Operations Director at Reconomy, said: “It is fantastic to have established this partnership with ReWorked and to collaborate on such as important initiative. For any business operating today, PPE is likely to be a significant problem. To say that we can take care of it – whilst also ensuring it is processed in an environmentally friendly way – is a real positive for our customers”.

Izzie Glazzard, Marketing Manager at ReWorked said: “The harrowing statistics we saw relating to PPE waste in our natural environments shook us into action – we’re determined to divert as much of this material as possible away from becoming trash, landfills or incineration. Working with the likes of Reconomy was an integral part of reaching as many contributors as possible. This is an issue we all need to face, working together to bring the solution to the many.”

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