Meet the Reconomy Team ““ Lorna Bennett

Job title: National Service Team Manager
Daily number of hot beverages consumed: A minimum of 4″¦ is that a lot??
Accompanying biscuit of choice: Chocolate Hobnobs are officially the best biscuits ever, but they’re banned at work for being too delicious!
How long have you worked at Reconomy?
I’m rapidly closing in on my first work anniversary at Reconomy, as I joined the company in the summer of 2015. I come from a waste industry background though, so I was already very aware of Reconomy, what the company did and its excellent reputation. This really helped me in the first few months, because I already had a solid understanding of the sector, meaning I was able to hit the ground running.
What are your core responsibilities?
As National Service Team Manager, I am responsible for overseeing the smooth running of the department. Everyone in the National Service Team is committed to delivering exceptional customer services, so it’s my job to look after the people that are looking after our customers. Keeping the team happy and their workload manageable is of paramount importance to me, because a happy workforce is always going to deliver the best possible results.
How do you make a difference everyday?
I’m a naturally positive person, so I always try to find the best in every situation. I believe it’s important for me to maintain this attitude because the team look to me for guidance. Operating in such a fast-moving environment can be particularly stressful at times, but if I stay positive this will inevitably filter down to the rest of the team. This helps to keep them motivated and means they enjoy their work more.
How is the changing face of the waste industry directly impacting upon Reconomy and your job role?
Having worked in the waste industry for over 15 years, I have witnessed a number of significant changes within the sector and I believe it will continue to evolve. More and more businesses are implementing social responsibility policies and sustainability agendas, so they are placing more emphasis on recycling and waste management than ever before.
This places a greater emphasis on our teams being able to give the appropriate advice and guidance to help our customers meet their overall waste goals. Because of our experience we have the knowledge to help them overcome challenges and barriers to change that are frequently encountered.
What did you do before you joined Reconomy?
I started working in the waste industry immediately after leaving college and spent 15 years working for a rival waste broker. Whilst there I progressed through the ranks from a customer services advisor, through to supervisor and manager. I believe myself to be a very loyal employee and not someone that will change jobs for the sake of it. That said, after 15 years I felt like I had progressed as far as I could, so when the opportunity arose to join Reconomy it was simply too good to turn down.
What one possession could you never live without and why?
I’m not really sure if you can call him a possession, but I could never live without my little dog, Wally. He’s a 3 ½ year old Pug and I absolutely love him to bits. If I’ve had a particularly long or tiring day in the office, then it’s always great to walk through the front door and be made a fuss off and Wally is there for me every evening without fail. If I can’t count Wally as a possession, then I’m going to have to go with”¦Philip Kingsley hair conditioner. Seriously, it’s fabulous, and I couldn’t live without it!
What is the best thing about your job?
For me, what transforms a job you enjoy into a job that you love are the people you work with, and this is where I feel particularly lucky. The working culture at Reconomy is very inclusive and this means that everyone gets on incredibly well at every level of the business. The fact that the company so regularly recognises and rewards hard work means a lot to everyone here and this also helps to bring us all closer together.