An industry leading approach to Site Appraisals

Reconomy is committed to delivering excellence through innovation to ensure our customers receive the highest level of service. By taking a collaborative and creative approach we are determined to deliver the most cost efficient and resourceful solutions to ensure waste is handled as a resource meeting both our own sustainability goals and those of our customers.
Unlike most traditional waste management companies, a key part of our service offering is the on-site support offered by our Site Liaison Team.  This dedicated team provide regular site visits to drive waste improvements and ensure our core business philosophy of on-site segregation is achieved.
The team strive to:

Educate customers and their workforce in best practice and waste segregation techniques so that they are able to meet their sustainability targets.   This is done via a series of Toolbox Talks’, emphasising the importance of on-site segregation which results in cost reduction and, most importantly, an increase in land diversion.
Implement on-site waste optimisations by recommending the best solution to reduce costs.  Site Waste Management Plans are reviewed and assessed at each visit finding the best and most cost efficient solution to their waste needs by assessing how waste streams can be reused, reduced or recycled.  e.g. reusing any suitable brick and block hard-core waste on hard standing areas or driveways.

With each site visit, typical issues such as the removal of waste materials left on site by tradesmen and better waste segregation options are reviewed. This information is then recorded in a Site Appraisal form so that changes may be proposed to the customer’s procurement teams.
Previously, Site Appraisals would be processed manually by the Site Liaison Officer with a handwritten form being completed.  This slow and often time consuming process could often result in missed opportunities.
Reconomy’s internal business improvement programme, “Project Excellence”, recognised the need for a faster turnaround time and searched for a method where changes could be implemented almost instantaneously.
The Solution
A custom built mobile web application that was instantly accessible to our Site Liaison Officers and enabled the completion of the Site Appraisal Form on a handheld mobile tablet device.  The investment in both the creation of a mobile app and handheld tablets for all external staff has made the Site Appraisal process simple and effective.
The completed appraisal forms are recorded directly onto the handheld device and submitted immediately via the app which is instantly accessible to our Internal Account Managers based at our Head Office.
The app allows customer recommendations and cost saving initiatives to be proposed to the customer as soon as they are received to ensure they receive the full benefit of any proposed changes.
In addition, the productivity of the Site Liaison Teams has increased which has also enabled for additional customer site visits to be conducted.
Key Customer Benefits

Faster action ““ Optimisations can be implemented instantly
More detailed real time data capture
Confidence and transparency in our recommendation ““ A Site Manager’s signature is captured and “geo-tagged” to confirm authenticity and all photographic evidence of site issues are captured and stored
Customer service improvements ““ Net Promoter Score (NPS) for each site captured to highlight service level issues and recommendations