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Our green fast challenge continued. Travel and our journey so far

In our third edition of our Green Fast blog series. Here we focus on cars and travel.

Cutting Down Car Journeys

About 50% of all car journeys here in the UK are under 2 miles with the majority taking place in urban areas, contributing to air pollution that is choking many of the UK towns and cities. In towns and cities, we often have the opportunity to walk, cycle or utilise public transport and reduce our carbon footprint but choose to drive because of the convenience. So, as a final challenge for some of the senior Reconomy Group Managers and Directors, a few were asked not to use their cars for journeys under 2 miles. For Divisional Director of Reconomy, Matt Nichols, stopping car journeys under 2 miles is a conscious decision he’s already implementing and plans to continue doing so going forward, as well as following a pescatarian to cut down on meat consumption.

Not Easy, But Successful

For many of the team here within the Reconomy Group, the Green Fast was a huge success and has made many a lot more conscious about the importance of us all living more sustainable lives. All described varying difficulties in their challenges, but when we’ve all become used to living a certain, fairly unsustainable way, change isn’t going to be easy…

…but as the Reconomy Group management has shown, it can be done! And what an inspiration they have been to all our colleagues across the group who are starting to explore where sustainable switches can be made at work and at home. With the support of the Net Zero Heroes, the Reconomy Group continues to embed sustainable best practice throughout the business and having a green and passionate workforce demonstrates our long-term commitment to the circular economy and to a sustainable future.