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Celebrating Sustainable Waste Management with the Green Apple Awards

Sustainability isn’t just a hot button topic in industry circles. Over a third of consumers say that sustainability is a key consideration in purchasing decisions, and that is set to rise.

It’s never been more important to demonstrate your green credentials if you want to win and retain business.

But who is being recognised for their commitment to sustainability? And what exactly are they doing to win plaudits and awards? Is it just a matter of hiring experts like Reconomy to manage waste, or is there more to it?

In the following SlideShare, we take a look at previous winners of The Green Apple Environmental Awards and see just what you can learn from their internationally-recognised sustainability efforts.

Demonstrating your sustainable credentials could be your ticket to more business and a shiny Green Apple for your shelf, but it’s not something you need to do alone.

As Claridges and CSJV demonstrate, expert assistance can help you take huge strides towards your waste management goals, which will in turn help to put you on the radar of the awards committee.

So if you want to take strides towards recognition for your green efforts, take inspiration from the actions of the winners above.

Find and partner with a waste management specialist. Even if it doesn’t deliver an award, it’ll certainly deliver savings and sustainability for your business.

Download: How to Report on Waste Management Sustainability