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What Facilities Managers Need to Know to Avoid Prosecution on Waste Management

Many businesses are unaware of their compliance risks. Up to 56% of UK businesses are not fully compliant with their legal responsibilities under waste management legislation. Yet ignorance is no defence and fines can now seriously impact finances – as much as £3 million in fact.

This problem is compounded by the complexity of regulations that govern waste management. And the uncertainties of Brexit Britain make compliance more and more challenging for UK businesses.

Facilities managers can help by swotting up on waste management regulations. That will stand you in good stead in the period ahead.

So here are 5 essential issues your business should address.

Understanding waste management legislation and how it applies to your operations is essential to the success of your business.

Not only will it help you avoid damaging compliance failures and fines, it will help you navigate the changing regulatory environment as Britain withdraws from the EU.

Demonstrating competency around waste management legislation makes it easier to win new business and boost your bottom line.


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