How to Cut the Cost of Waste & 7 Tips for Training Your Supply Chain

Last year, the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group concluded that cutting costs and saving resources are now relevant to every link in the supply chain and that the old model of ‘make, use, dispose’ cannot continue.While contractors can’t go it alone, they can provide the leadership needed to make construction waste savings a reality. Through awareness and training, construction managers are well placed to promote best practice in waste management to reduce costs on every project. Even if you’re completely focused on achieving construction waste savings, you will still end up producing too much waste if your suppliers and subcontractors don’t get it.Everyone involved in your project needs to know that waste reduction and efficiency are an essential part of your ethos. Adopting a collaborative approach with regular communications that explain the benefits will go a long way to getting people on board. By raising awareness that even simple changes can save money and reduce the environmental impact of construction, contractors will play a critical role in delivering real change across the entire length of the supply chain.Take the next step in developing your waste manage management strategy with our free eGuide How to Produce a Cost-Saving Strategy and Plan for Waste Management