5 Lessons Construction Can Learn from Demolition About Material Reuse

Demolition contractors are regularly recycling 96% of the waste they generate during deconstruction, according to their industry body, the National Federation of Demolition Contractors. As Chief Executive, Howard Button, explains: “Demolition work can be a one-stop shop for recycling, as every single piece of structure and concrete has to leave the site, and the more savvy the contractor, the more it will re-use to maximise value and minimise landfill.€
For the demolition sector, there can be significant profit in recycling when valuable materials sell at high prices. Even with fluctuating commodity prices, there is a good chance that recycling and reusing materials will make all the difference to whether a construction project comes in on budget on not, particularly as margins are squeezed.
So what can construction learn from the approach that demolition businesses take to waste management strategy, to help them recycle and reuse more materials? Our slideshare outlines five areas to consider.

The cost of construction materials is rising as the supply of virgin aggregates is limited. The UK’s reserves of sand and gravel are depleting rapidly and recent currency fluctuations have make imports more expensive.
All this puts yet more pressure on margins that are already tight. So responsible recycling and material reuse plays an important role in reducing the cost of waste and maximising its value. It has the added advantage of improving the quality and quantity of recycled materials available.
By entrusting your waste management strategy to an expert waste management provider, you’ll be in a much better position to achieve this without taking the focus on off your core business.

Use on-site segregation as a core part of your waste management strategy for effectiveness, efficiency and cost.
Planning and partnering with a waste management provider will ensure you have access to the right services and facilities to recycle and reuse as much waste as possible.
Working with a responsible waste management provider will reduce the amount of paperwork involved, ensure compliance and increase your margins with significant cost savings.

Discover more about how sustainable waste management reduces costs and maximises value. Download: How to Hit Your Bonus with Waste Management Best Practice.