The Red Tape Challenge – How Does It Affect Construction Waste?

Regulations change all the time, and for those involved in construction waste it can be hard to keep up.The waste sector employs 106,000 people with a combined turnover of £18.5bn. A recent survey found more than half of businesses are already failing to comply with Duty of Care legislation.Waste crime is also a huge issue, with fly tipping costing local authorities £50 million every year. CIWM recently published their Fighting Waste Crime Guide, available freely on their website.The Red Tape Challenge called for views on how to improve growth and productivity and increase sector compliance.Reforms were promised after a recent waste review concluded:32% of businesses feel the way waste is defined is burdensomeRules governing hazardous waste are excessive75% feel permit applications take too long to processRegistering exemptions for low-risk activities is laboriousInspectors don’t always have the right qualificationsThe European Waste Framework Directive is arbitrary.Opinion is divided on the Red Tape Challenge and the prospect of more construction waste regulation fills many with dread.Our SlideShare outlines the problems raised and proposed solutions, along with government deadlines.Many businesses responding to the Red Tape Challenge believe changes to the way regulation is applied could remove barriers to growth. There are calls for a less literal application of the rules, and for better industry knowledge.But will the Government stick to its own deadlines? And if deadlines have passed, have the required changes been made?There has been some progress. Defra released a revised Code of Practice for waste in March 2016 and Right Waste Right Place launched in April 2016.Takeaways:Use the new Code of Practice and Right Waste Right Place websites.Make sure you check for new legislation on key areas of the waste review.Report failings back to government regarding deadlines or detail.Find Out More About Construction Waste Legislation and How It Affects You. Download: How Compliance in Waste Management Can Improve the Bottom Line for Your Construction Business