Latest Innovations in Waste Management for Refurbishment Projects

Refurbishment projects are generating much less construction waste as companies embrace new technologies to manage waste more effectively at every stage of their projects.
Technology never stands still, and neither does the construction industry. Across the UK, waste management and construction companies are adopting innovative working practices and looking for ways to eliminate waste at every stage of a refurbishment or construction project.
These new ways of working are powered by technological innovations such as BIM, 3D printing and new design methods. We examine some of the latest technologies that are allowing businesses to significantly reduce construction waste across the board.

Whether it’s by prefabricating structures with 3D printers, embracing BMI, or using the latest software to collect data more efficiently, growing numbers of construction companies are committed to best practices that use resources in a responsible, environmentally friendly way.
By continually embracing innovation and using new technology and ideas to improve methods and processes, refurbishment and construction companies will deliver more efficient, greener projects for satisfied clients around the UK.

New technology is making it easier to reduce construction waste at every step of a refurbishment project.
Thanks to aerial drones, Welsh construction companies are now able to recycle 87% of construction waste.
By prefabricating components using 3D printers, construction companies can significantly reduce waste generated on-site.
Business Information Modelling is helping companies to design out waste before work even begins on a construction or refurbishment project.

Find out how to achieve significant reductions in the amount of waste your projects generate. Download: Producing a Circular Waste Strategy for Your Construction Supply Chain & A Best Practice Checklist