Waste Management Specialists Versus Logistics & Which is the Big Money Saver?

Waste management is becoming more complicated for construction companies. With the construction industry responsible for 33% of all waste and 45% of all CO2 emissions in the UK, legislation is being brought in to try and reduce landfill waste and increase recycling.
Complying with this legislation can be time consuming and costly, which is why companies are stepping in to offer you a helping hand by disposing of site waste in a way that avoids potential penalties.
On one hand, you have logistics companies offering an all-inclusive approach to waste management, who’ll help you keep a clean site by removing waste quickly and ensuring it’s disposed of. On the other, there are specialist waste management companies such as Reconomy who’ll help you recycle more, waste less, and re-use material where possible.
Knowing which type of company will provide you with the biggest savings is key to running a successful and efficient project. Our infographic will help you make an informed choice.

On the face of it, choosing a logistics company to handle your site’s waste might seem like the cost effective solution. A fixed rate can be attractive, especially when compared with the fluctuating site-by-site fees charged by a waste specialist.
However, finding the most efficient way to handle your waste is the key to finding the best savings. A waste specialist will help you to cut down on your waste, recover and reuse materials that would otherwise end up in landfill, and provide full and transparent reports on exactly where your waste goes next.
The initial approach may seem like a challenge costs may seem higher, but big savings only come with long term strategy. And the long term circular waste strategy used by Reconomy is certain to provide the biggest savings possible.

The cost of a waste management company isn’t limited to initial fees & disposal, compliance costs and savings from recycling should all be considered.
Simply disposing of waste may not be the most cost-efficient plan, as reusing materials can lower overall costs considerably.
Landfill rates are now at £84.40 per tonne, which can make waste disposal significantly more expensive.
A specialist waste management company may cost more initially, but by methodically sorting waste they’ll ensure that you aren’t throwing money away.
A circular waste strategy will limit the amount of waste created and the associated disposal costs.

Make as many resource savings as possible in your construction business. Download: Producing a Circular Waste Strategy for Your Construction Supply Chain & A Best Practice Checklist