The Reconomy Circular- Total Waste Management in the Circular Economy – Issue 1

The Reconomy Circular will keep you informed of changes to waste management legislation, and will offer insights into the wider topics and emerging trends that will shape the future of the industry.
In our efforts to divert waste away from landfill we have formed some unique partnerships with businesses from many different sectors. We will be revisiting some of these successes in future editions of The Reconomy Circular. We will also introduce you to key team members who deliver services and solutions to keep you one step ahead in today’s competitive markets.
We are proud of our track record in helping thousands of companies to recycle or dispose of waste in a cost-effective, responsible and sustainable way. Aligned with the principles of the circular economy, we believe that all waste can retain genuine  value and purpose.
On behalf of the whole team here at Reconomy, thanks for reading.
Paul Cox
Managing Director
Highlights from the Reconomy Blog

When planning site access for commercial fit out and refurbishment projects, it’s important to manage risks in a proactive way. Although access issues will vary from one construction site to another, some are common to all projects. Read on for tips on safeguarding access to your fit out and refurbishment site.
Fit-out and Refurb Projects – Ensuring Construction Site Access

Managing waste on multiple sites that are geographically dispersed presents considerable challenges & and not just in the initial set-up. Find out how outsourcing waste management can help set up the right support and controls to boost efficiency and improve your landfill diversion rates.
Managing Waste Across Multiple Construction Sites – Mitigate the Risks with a 3rd Party Supplier

Even world class construction firms experience cost overruns on their major construction projects, and inefficient waste management can play a significant part. This invaluable post takes a careful look at the total cost of waste management and problems such as poor time management that put a strain on your budgets.
Learning Lessons from Poor Waste Management Practices in Construction

Legislation regulating waste management is complex, but compliance can be business-critical at a time when fines are becoming more punitive. When it comes to waste management, do you know your TEEP from your SWMP? Take our quiz to find out.
The Legislation Game

Industry News
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Meet the Reconomy Team & Joan Jones
Joan joined Reconomy as Head of Sales and Customer Service at the beginning of this year, and is enjoying her new role and getting to grips with waste management. With more than 20 years’ experience in sales and customer service roles, Joan says: €œI believe that good communication is fundamental to the effective running of any business. I’m therefore working with several other department heads to develop a platform around better communication.€ Read more.