Workwear recycling
and PPE disposal

Protection for your brand and the environment

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Workwear recycling and PPE disposal

Maintaining the integrity of your brand has never been more important, which is why brand security is increasingly becoming a top priority for organisations around the globe.

Reconomy provides a market leading service to securely dispose of all your corporate workwear, together with branded or unbranded PPE (protective personal equipment) in a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly way.

Your corporate workwear and PPE can be of great value to others. If they fall into the wrong hands, they can be used to commit identity fraud, damaging your company’s reputation, integrity, and prosperity. By working with Reconomy, we can protect you, your brand, and your customers from these threats.

As brand owner, we give you assurance that any materials featuring your corporate logos, names, products, or other intellectual properties, are disposed of in the most effective way possible, whilst also minimising your carbon footprint.

What can we dispose of?

Some of the many forms of corporate workwear and PPE that we regularly arrange for secure disposal of include:

Hard hats
Polo shirts/ T shirts
Work boots
High-vis and outerwear
Work gloves

Secure destruction

We give you total peace of mind that all your branded garments, textiles, workwear, and safety equipment are destroyed securely and sustainably. We can process items made from a variety of materials including cotton, jute, sisal, acrylic, polyester, complex blendings, thermoplastics, and glass fibre.

All branded clothing / textiles are securely transported to one of our accredited, third-party destruction sites.

The cross-cut system used to destroy your materials is fully security assured – no item can be reconstructed once it has been through this process.

Secure destruction takes place using custom-built, cross-cut shredding waste destruction machinery, capable of shredding over 2 tonnes per hour.

Shredded materials that can be recycled are baled and transported to specialist mills for use in innovative products such as geotextiles and specialist papers.

Garments that contain non-reusable fibres are sent to waste power generation plants to be securely incinerated.

The entire destruction process is traceable via a secure audit trail, that follows the security shredding standards. Certification is also provided, outlining the amount of waste that has been recycled from each load of collected garments and textiles.

Moving you up the waste hierarchy

Whilst our top priority is ensuring your materials are disposed of securely, we also take every opportunity to move your waste as far up the waste hierarchy as possible. Not only does this help with your own sustainability reporting, but we also believe that it is the right thing to do.


Our primary and preferred route is to reuse your materials for future manufacturing of other garments, clothes, and textiles via recycling. This is typically achieved when the materials are of ‘simple’ make-up and able to be recycled in a straightforward manner (wool, cotton, etc).

Secondary recycling

Our alternative route is to recycle your materials into a range of different, secondary products as a means of extending their lifecycle. This includes end-of-life products such as insulation, geotextiles, partition walls and sound boarding.

Landfill avoidance

Finally, if the above two routes are not possible, your material will instead be made into chips and melted to create polyester fabrics or used for energy recovery (RDF), avoiding sending them to landfill.

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