2 yard skip

Compact, versatile and easy to load.

The 2-yard mini skip is the smallest option available from our selection of skip hire services. It can hold between 20-30 bin bags worth of waste, making it the perfect disposal option for small or niche projects.

The compact size makes it easy to find room for and makes it the perfect loading height for most projects.

All skips are to be placed on private land. If private land is not available and your skip is to be placed on the public highway a skip hire permit will be required.  Additional charges enforced by the relevant local authority will be applied in such instances, in addition to the cost of hire. Charges for skip hire permits together with their enforcement vary regionally.

All permits are chargeable to the customer. Should the permit be declined by the local authority, this charge is non-refundable.

If you require a skip hire permit, please contact us to check eligibility.

Delivery on the day of hire will be between the hours of 7am and 5.30pm.  With specific time periods available to be requested at the time of booking.

Please ensure the location of where the skip is to be placed is accessible for a skip lorry and clear from obstruction for both delivery and collection.

Hazardous materials cannot be loaded into the skip, please visit our terms and conditions for more information on permitted waste streams for skip hire.

Example materials are but not limited to:

  • Paint tins
  • Plasterboard
  • Mattresses
  • Electronic equipment
  • Fridges / freezers

Please visit our full terms and conditions for full details.

Being small in size, 2-yard skips are perfect when space on site is limited.

Holding between 20-30 bin bags worth of waste, it is perfect for handling waste from small or niche projects. Being designed to handle small amounts of waste, it has the same storage as 4 wheelie bins full of waste.

When managing your waste, skips and containers can be used the stores all types of waste generated during a project. In order to avoid contamination, some types of waste cannot be disposed of in a skip.

By adhering to general rules regarding cross-contamination and waste segregation, your waste can be collected and recycled efficiently.

Our skips are suitable for most waste streams, including garden waste and general waste. However, like most skip hire companies, hazardous materials cannot be disposed of in a skip.

The below dimensions are estimated and may vary depending on location:

Volume: 15m3
Height: 0.76M
Length: 1.2M
Width: 0.91M