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From floor stands and desktop stands to wipes and personal pump bottles, Reconomy has a sanitising solution for you.

Hand sanitiser options for the working environment

Hand sanitiser is used in the workplace as an effective way to prevent the spread of viral infections that can affect your staff, customers and other visitors. Placed in strategic locations like reception areas, meeting rooms and other high-touch points, hand sanitiser will reduce the threat of germs spreading and resulting in illness and absence.

It can be a faster way of combatting the spread of germs than hand-washing if the right sanitiser products are available in the right locations. Reconomy’s range includes everything you will need for sanitising whether in an office, shop, restaurant, school, factory, care home, construction site or any other workplace. With options for fixed locations, and to use on the go, you can put in place ongoing sanitising processes with ease with Reconomy.

The Hand Sanitiser Station

Our hand sanitiser station is perfect for receptions and other high volume traffic areas. The dispenser is automatic and holds 1.2 litres of sanitiser.

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Wall-mounted dispensers

Available in manual or auto-dispense alternatives, our wall-mounted sanitiser units include full ongoing service and maintenance.

Surface sanitiser wipes

These robust sanitiser wipes are for disinfecting all hard surfaces including worktops, door handles, sanitary ware and stainless steel.

Sanitiser gel

500ml size pump bottle of sanitiser gel, which is perfect for personal use, travel or keeping on desks. No water or towel required.

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