Evolve with REVOLVE: Review

Finally, review. And then do it all over again.

Finally, the Review process:

Finally, review. And then do it all over again. Monitoring the whole process and your progress towards goals is crucial in reaching them quickly and cost-effectively. Your account manager will keep you on-track, on-budget, and make adjustments in accordance with your review findings and new legislation.

  • Sector-specific reporting
  • Progress to zero waste and net zero carbon
  • Dedicated account management

Sector-specific reporting

We give you 24/7 access to numerous reports with accurate information on spend, tonnages, landfill diversion, carbon usage and more, relating both to your business and the wider sector you operate in. You can also see electronic copies of critical documentation such as waste transfer notes, proof of delivery and compliance certificates and licences.

Progress to zero waste and net zero carbon

We’ll be right by your side, helping you progress towards your goals. We spend time reviewing and recalibrating to make sure targets are aligned – that they’re taxing but achievable still. We keep track of the strategy and adjust it with you as developments are made or new legislation is introduced and continue to use tools such as the Zero Waste Index to track your path towards zero waste status while aligning to your impact on climate change.

Dedicated account management

We track, collate and report on all aspects of the waste operation and provide transparent visibility of this via our Reconomy Portal. Unlike conventional waste partners, whose remit is to look at Improving efficiencies of pre-existing waste volumes, we’re focused on finding new answers. We provide on-site support through our account management team:

• Site level support to help with segregation and roadmap alignment
• Training to educate and engage stakeholders
• Compliance assurance.

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