Evolve with REVOLVE: Process

Discover the process stage of REVOLVE:

Once we’ve collected your materials, it’s time to process them and extract as much value as we can. You’ll be surprised at how much your waste is worth.

• Materials trading
• Plastics reprocessing
• Innovative pilot schemes

Materials trading

Certain materials – like glass, metal, plastic and card – qualify for rebates. Our big buying power means we can get you the best returns after processing these recyclables.

Plastics reprocessing

Through our specialist group brand, EuroKey, we provide reprocessing services for a range of plastics, including closed loop supply and reclamation. It’s a big operation that sees us working with the largest supermarkets.

We sort recyclables via semi-automatic processes to ensure there’s no contamination before granulating, so the material can be used to produce new products. We can also reprocess your card, paper, metal and more.

Investing for the future

We’re committed to developing the UK’s processing infrastructure. Reducing reliance on export cuts transportation costs and footprint while increasing control and visibility over what’s happening to materials and giving greater pricing consistency.

We're also always looking for fresh new approaches and have implemented many ground-breaking ways of handling difficult materials. We work with some of the UK’s biggest household names to regularly pilot new recycling schemes that make it easy for consumers to join in.


One goal. One plan. Big savings

Join the dots with REVOLVE. A single plan for circular economy success - because buying separately ultimately costs more.

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