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This is the start of our journey together, where we immerse ourselves in your business to understand what works well and where the potential improvements lie.

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Here, you’ll be closely engaged by your dedicated Account Manager, who’ll be with you every step of the journey – starting by auditing your data and your physical processes and using that insight to make recommendations that’ll make a real difference.

• Multi-phased audits
• Deep-dive analysis
• Redesign plans

Multi-phased audits

Our audits frame the challenges and identify opportunities to reduce or eliminate non-renewable methods of waste disposal. In their place come renewable methods – where the resource is utilised instead (recycle, reuse, repair, reduce, prevent).

Deep-dive analysis

We identify practical operational opportunities and test solutions. We explore gaps and identify the best course of action - and we consider strategic challenges too, providing recommendations for Improving wider business sustainability.

Redesign plans

Here we work to develop sustainability strategies (where missing) for your business, with goals and a roadmap to achieving them. We show where you are now on the Zero Waste Index and your Account Manager will work with you to set ambitious but achievable targets and then hit them.

Within the roadmap will be detailed changes to operations but also a layer that includes communication – internally, to train staff on the changes being made, and externally to announce goals and achievements.


One goal. One plan. Big savings

Join the dots with REVOLVE. A single plan for circular economy success - because buying separately ultimately costs more.

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