Ground and Site Investigations
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We provide a range of services covering the design, implementation and evaluation of contaminated land for the construction sector.

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A waste management partner you can trust

From remote points of access for plant or equipment, through to dealing with confined locations, the challenges faced during any project demand a waste management partner you can trust.

We have vast experience in understanding the challenges imposed when working on Construction, House Building, Rail and Infrastructure sector projects.  All ground and site investigation services are carried out by skilled waste management professionals and where required hold valid CSCS (construction skills certification scheme) and PTS (personal track safety) cards, so you can be certain of their expertise.

Thanks to our outsourced approach, we can source whatever service you need with added reassurance that all our supply partners are compliant and the most trusted in the industry.  This ensures you receive a reliable, efficient and fully compliant service, giving you long-term peace of mind.

Trial Pitting

Trial pitting can be carried out using a variety of methods, from hand-dug to machine-dug, to being carried out to a depth of 4.5m with standard plant equipment. All pitting investigations are supervised by an experienced and qualified engineer to ensure ground conditions.

Rail Surveys

Our non-intrusive survey methods can help assess the impact of construction on surrounding structures. For existing infrastructure, we can also eliminate the guesswork from the scheduling of maintenance tasks, providing significant cost savings through evidence-based maintenance planning.

Rotary Boreholes

Rotary drilling techniques are used when drilling into very dense gravel and bedrock. The samples are recovered in plastic liners and logged by our team of qualified engineers for subsequent laboratory testing.

Window Sampling and Dynamic Probing

Window sampling is carried out using either a track-mounted drilling rig, or in hard-to-access areas, a hydraulic jack hammer. The track-mounted rig is capable of undertaking both standard penetration tests (SPTs) and super-heavy dynamic probes (SHDP). We can also undertake heavy dynamic probes (HDP) using a lightweight geo-tool rig.

Cable Percussion

Commonly used for progressing a borehole into soft ground material. The rig is towed by a 4x4 vehicle, which can take part in in-situ tests such as SPTs, vane tests and permeability testing.

Samples, both disturbed and undisturbed, are recovered from the borehole. Once recovered, they can then be used for geo-technical and geo-environmental testing.

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