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For potentially infectious COVID waste

Tailored solutions for your workplace to dispose of potentially infectious waste and fight the threat of COVID-19 on an ongoing basis

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Safe disposal of infectious workplace waste carried out by the experts

Working within the current guidance for the disposal of waste, the most appropriate route for you may be to implement into your working environment the ability to dispose of any potential infectious waste resulting from things like staff wearing gloves, masks, aprons and other PPE or even used cleaning wipes.

Reconomy can provide a range of internal clinical bins and external bins together with a service to collect this waste and dispose of it under the government guidelines. Ad-hoc or scheduled collections can be tailored to your requirements, and are carried out by on-call experienced ADR trained service operatives.

We can arrange weekly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly collection services ensuring that your environment is free from the potential spread of infection.

Here are some of our popular products and services:

External wheelie bins

Available on a rental basis, our wheelie bins for external use for clinical waste are available in the following sizes: 240 litre, 360 litre, 770 litre and 1100 litre.

Pedal bins

If you need a solution for internal use, then our 60 litre pedal-operated clinical bins are the perfect choice. Place them in key locations for easy disposal of clinical waste by your staff.

Metal bins

Also for internal use, we have a larger size metal 80 litre pedal-operated clinical bin. Robust and easy to clean, the metal bin offers a great solution for a busy workplace.

Cardboard clinical boxes

Ideal for siting around warehouses, building sites, offices and other locations for the disposal of any PPE or potentially infectious waste. Our package prices include supply and disposal.

Clinical bags

Reconomy supply standard orange clinical bags for your potentially infectious workplace waste as part of our service.

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