Air Purification
Your first line of defence

Our air purification system is a great solution for many different workplaces to help fight the threat of viral infections

Air purifier

AirCare BioZone purification system

Our AirCare BioZone system improves hygiene both in the air and on surfaces, works 24 hours a day and uses sterilising techniques to clean the environment.

The use of our systems are designed to work in conjunction with general good hygiene practices for optimum results and to act as an ongoing preventative measure. Constantly disinfecting the air and surrounding surfaces, AirCare BioZone is a natural solution to fighting chemical-resistant infectious diseases.

It's great for offices, schools and other public places and we offer flexible and competitive rental options. Use this system in conjunction with Reconomy's PPE, social distancing, sanitising and decontamination services.

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