Supply chain integrations to pioneer industry change with dynamic data transfer

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Creating seamless customer journeys

Reconomy’s digitalXchange includes our own proprietary software as well as a suite of digital partnerships with many of the waste industry’s leading suppliers of management software platforms. We have developed exclusive APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to improve the transfer of information, limit duplication and minimise the risk of human error. These APIs are enabling Reconomy’s many customers and regional supply chain partners to seamlessly integrate their back-end programmes with Reconomy’s own systems, enabling fast, dynamic two-way data transfer. This means that new orders placed by Reconomy’s customers can now be automatically, digitally and securely passed across and assigned to the appropriate supply chain transport teams, without the need for any manual intervention.

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Embracing technology

Reconomy believe that to reach the levels of transparency, data accuracy and availability of information demanded by the marketplace, it is imperative we embrace new ways of working.

Only through tech-enablement and digitisation can we provide a truly seamless experience for our customers and suppliers alike. We continue to champion new ways of working and pioneer change in the industry with our supply chain to help deliver enhancements to the customer experience through new technology and digital transformation.

“The principal benefits are that jobs come straight into our software system – as close to real time as you can get.  It’s very efficient.”

Simon Beecham, Managing Director, Abacus

Some of the brands we are partnering with include...

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Do you have what it takes to partner with Reconomy?

We select our supply chain partners carefully and expect them to meet the following expectations:

High quality service

We drive stringent KPIs to ensure our partners deliver a first class service to our customers.

From recycling rates, reuse and compliance we demand nothing short of excellence.

100% health, safety and compliance

We accept nothing short of 100% when it comes to health and safety and legislative compliance. We demand more from our supply chain partners and encourage them to push the boundaries when it comes to sustainability.

Innovation and investment

We demand continual innovation from our supply chain and the need to embrace change and new technologies to enable us to meet the exacting demands of our customer base.

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