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Adding value through outstanding customer service, integrity, innovation, investment in talent and supplier partnerships. Sustainability makes us a better, more resilient business and reduces risk, whilst engaging clients, suppliers and our own people.

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Outstanding customer service

Outstanding customer service, integrity, investment in talent and supplier partnerships - all underpinned by innovation – are helping us to add value to our

Digitisation and tech-enabled solutions are just some of the ways we are innovating and leading sustainability in our industry.

We are committed to the prevention of modern slavery and human trafficking. We will not tolerate or condone abuse of human rights anywhere in our business, our supply chain, or partnerships.

During 2019, working with Hope for Justice, we redoubled our efforts to eradicate modern slavery in our industry. We have further developed our policy approach and given clear and practical advice and guidance to our suppliers.

All our key staff, including those who regularly carry out site visits, have been trained to understand modern slavery and how to spot the signs. This training was further rolled-out to preferred suppliers, helping to raise awareness so that improvements can be made to make it more difficult for traffickers to infiltrate their businesses. We will continue to make every effort to eradicate modern slavery in our industry.

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To ensure we have an infrastructure in place that is fit to sustain our predicted levels of growth, we have created our Customer Centricity project. The core objectives of this enterprising approach to customer service are enabling us to devote 100% of our time to the needs of our customers.

More than 250 Reconomy staff members have taken part in cross-department ‘buzz sessions’, giving teams a better understanding of the workings of other departments, breaking down any potential ‘silos’. Regular process reviews are also removing bureaucracies and red tape from our internal procedures, streamlining the way we work and contributing to a better customer experience.

This approach has a positive impact on the development and professional delivery of our people. It also creates efficiencies, thereby reducing the environmental impact and need for re-work.

We conduct every area of our business ethically and with integrity, as established and communicated through our values and policies. We have been through a process to identify ‘what matters most’ to our business, customers and suppliers. Sustainability supports the management of our business risks, which has allowed us to fully address the following:


By working with our supply chain, we are delivering sustainable solutions that maximise value for our customers. We are implementing a sustainable procurement framework and delivering this through the Sustainable Supplier Charter.

83% of Reconomy’s supply chain are SME-sized organisations. This supports the Government’s objectives, together with those of many of our clients, to use more SMEs.

In 2018, 694 visits were made to our network of supply chain partners across the UK to assess their performance, environmental credentials and their health and safety compliance. These audits directly led to our number of preferred suppliers increasing by 25% during the last 12 months. We are also now building environmental objectives into our supply chain auditing, enabling us to prioritise suppliers with higher recycling rates and landfill diversion percentages.

Social value

Creating routes to employment for hard-to-reach groups, supporting our local communities and working with more socially responsible businesses.

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Environmental value

Environmental responsibility for Reconomy is a fundamental commitment that goes beyond compliance.

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Sustainable giants

Here at Reconomy, we understand the need for businesses to be sustainable. The question is, who is shouting about their actions the most? In order to find out, we have aligned the list of Corporate Knights’ Top 100 Sustainable Companies with YouGov’s top companies in regard to public perception.

This list was then cross-referenced with information available from each individual business’ strategy and it’s social media to determine who’s owning the conversation in terms of sustainability and competing to be the most sustainable companies.


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